Organic Land Care
Everyone is talking about "going green." Interest in the environment has never been greater. Let me answer some questions you may have.

What is organic land care?
Soil is alive with colonies of organisms. The use of harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides disturbs and harms these living ecosystems. Organic land care professionals never use synthetic products to enhance the landscape; instead we use natural organic products to fertilize the land, control harmful insects, and beautify your garden.

My Passion
As a certified organic land care professional, I am passionate about the environment. My own garden has been certified as a wildlfe habitat by the National Wildlife Association through my own use of natural garden products.

Why is it important?
girl barefoot on grassYour family's health is important to you. There is growing evidence of hazards associated with the use of synthetic pesticides to humans and to the environment.
Chemicals used on lawns and gardens do not remain in place. They can be carried indoors on shoes, paws and toys; they leach into the water table from which we get our drinking water.

Where do you begin?
There are numerous resources on the internet and publications to read up on the subject. Here are some links you may find useful:

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